Why have I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program at Udacity?

Wenn du schon den einen oder anderen Blogartikel von mir gelesen hast, wirst du vermutlich bemerkt haben, dass mein Blog auf deutsch ist. Diesen Post habe ich allerdings für meiner Weiterbildung im Digitalen Marketing bei Udacity auf Englisch verfasst. Jetzt will ich dir eine Geschichte erzählen: 

Once there was ….

Once there was a yoga teacher who was fascinated by Yoga, Blogs, Podcasts and Social Media Channels and loves writing. She even runs her own blog as well as Social Media Channels. Unfortunately, she was not really successful in Digital Marketing.

Everyday ….

Everyday she was wondering how she could market her career as Yoga Teacher and run a successful Blog about happiness and yoga. There were always so many things she wanted to do and to learn in that she missed a structure for learning more about Digital Marketing.

Until one day …

Until one day she saw an Instagram post of a dear friend of hers who she met during her studies in Beijing. That girl who now has obviously a passion for tattoos and lives in Sao Paulo, posted a picture of completing successfully a Udacity Nanodegree Program with the comment “never stop learning”.

Because of that ….

That made her thinking. The loves learning and education and even took part in several free online courses in the past. She typed Udacity in the search machine of her choice and found the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

She thought about her goals. What she wants to reach and about what was missing.

Because of that …

Because of that she did some research about Udacity itself, about the content of that course, about the teachers who take part at that program as well as other online courses with similar content. One key point that stuck out was the fact that Udacity’s courses are designed based on business needs and the job market. She decided that for her needs the Udacity course would be right perfect.

Until then …

Now she spends about 10 hours a week with learning for her Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. It’s fun for her. There is not just a really good structure but also a community, mentors and classmates with whom she shares her studies.

So, and who is SHE? That’s me, Ann-Kristin :).

To be continued!

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